The Visionista!



I have been following The A Dot all week and I have bragging rights!  This is my team!!  :):):)

I once read “it’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen”.  My absolute favourite thing to do is sit around with the girls in our office and bring good ideas to life!  We’ve spent the past four years paving new roads, forming genuine relationships and establishing our brand.   Our focus now is on connecting the right people, creating solid partnerships and utilizing technology to improve the future of our health care system.

In the spring of 2011, I successfully launched my first company, Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions Inc.  I saw an opportunity for a compassionate and dependable contingency plan for staffing issues in our Northern Ontario Long Term Care homes.  I used creativity and inspiration to build a pool of the best health care professionals we could find so that we could give these homes the most thorough solution we could come up with.  In four ‘roller-coaster’ years we went from zero to over 225 supplemental staff, 16 LTC clients, and a second company…and we’re still growing strong!

Besides being passionate about health care delivery for our elderly, I am also enthusiastic about building business in the North, networking and meeting new people, marketing and branding, and forward thinking solutions.   I currently juggle being the president of one company and the founder of another with a few intentionally congruent and exciting undertakings.   While challenging, I have always loved being busy and I truly believe that life is meant to be experienced!   My positive attitude, the people I surround myself with and the fact that I absolutely love being alive has allowed me to accomplish so much in so little time.

I am soft-hearted (to a fault), I can’t say no without feeling bad and I unapologetically drop eff-bombs far too often.  I see life as a beautiful gift of endless opportunities, as a place to grow and get to know, and a place to push your limits further than you ever thought you could.  I spend my free time with my best friend and biggest support, not to mention the love of my life, Jason, our incredibly bright 8 year old daughter Addison, our grumpy Chihuahua Zoe and just recently, our rescue cat, Whiskers.

That’s my life in a blogpost.  It’s hectic, I admit.  But it’s also exciting, energizing and charged, and that’s a very fun place to be!

Ciao for now!



2 thoughts on “The Visionista!

  1. Ashley chevalier

    You are such an amazing person and an inspiration to many, including myself. I am so proud of you sher bear, I am so happy to have met u 6 years ago and you being my teacher and mentor xoxo


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