Scrolling though social media my thumb often stops on quotes, whether they are inspirational quotes from the likes of Robin Sharma, Brendon Burchard, Richard Branson or clever parodies or memes.  However, this quote stopped me and I just had to like, share and save to my camera roll for later use.

If I have learned anything during my current or past career it has been to never give up. Never give up on those around me, never give up on trying to find a solution, never give up on a goal, never give up on myself.  I have learned that hard work, determination, practice and persistence will always provide positive results.

Within the team in which I work, each and every member works hard and is determined and persistent towards their goals. I strive to surround myself with people who have a positive outlook, people who work hard and can provide meaningful conversation. I have found this within Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions. We have a team of fierce, strong, intelligent women who never give up.

Our outlook and goal for the future is to be remembered as a team who worked hard for the communities in which we live, providing effective solutions and compassionate care to our aging population. We will not give up, in fact I am sure our team will continue to grow in magnitude as a powerhouse of effective, solution based women.


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