3 Things I Look For in Candidates


Three Fingers

I’m a suck. I’ll admit it. I love when I’m interviewing healthcare professionals and they tell me about a time that they did something out of the goodness of their own hearts for their residents or patients or that one time that their client told them that they were the best care provider they had ever had. But those aren’t the types of stories that get them to the second interview. For me, there are three things that I look for in each candidate that I interview:

  1. Be Genuine & Honest.

Be yourself. There’s nothing worse than interviewing someone who is pretending to be someone they’re not. Although you may feel as though you’re hindering your chance at getting the position by saying, “No, I’ve never experienced that before”, it’s better to be honest and true than to lie. Remember: this could be your future employer. If you lie now about your experience or your knowledge now, it will eventually become apparent to them. You may not get the position because of it and that is just something that you will have to accept. Wouldn’t it be better to tell the truth and not get the position than to lie and possibly face serious consequences in the future?

  1. Don’t Doubt Yourself.

When an interviewer asks about your skills and strengths pertaining to the position, they want to know. Never keep from telling them what you do best. I have conducted interviews where the interviewee states one strength of theirs and I can see that they want to tell me more. This is your chance to sell yourself. You may think your skills and strengths are irrelevant, but if that were truly the case, you never would have applied for the position in the first place.

Remember: being genuine and honest is key. If your time management and organizational skills need work, don’t say that they are a strength of yours. There is always something that you can tell the interviewer that will keep them wanting to know more.

  1. Never Rate Yourself a Perfect 10.

This goes back to point 1, being genuine and honest. Interviewers know that no one is perfect. We’re far from perfect and so is everyone else that you’re competing against for the position that you’ve applied for. In the interview questionnaires that I have created I ask candidates to rate their skills, such as time management, on a scale of 1-10. The majority of candidates who I interview rate themselves an honest eight or nine out of ten. You may be great at something, but you will never be perfect. If you rate yourself a perfect ten, always remember that your interviewer will be contacting references who can confirm that from their experience working with you. Many people think that references aren’t contacted during the recruitment process, but they are. I can promise you that. Always keep that in mind.

I hope this gives you a bit of insight into what your interviewer is looking for when you take a seat across from them. Stay tuned for more stories, advice and tips every week!


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