Small Towns – Big Ideas


There are certain misgivings attributed to running a company out of a small town. Yes, there are some definite pluses to working in places that offer the experience, the talent and the feel of a giant like Silicon Valley.  My goal here, however, is to illustrate just three of the advantages to building and growing your startup in a small town.

  1. When living and working in a small community, you might think that your business is limited to a proportionately small number of resources. However, in reality, businesses in small towns have access to just as many technological resources – computer software programs, the internet, virtual clouds – as those that operate in big cities. With today’s technology you can easily see why business owners in small communities are finding not only success but also high levels of personal and professional satisfaction.
  2. While not all small town companies grow organically, most do.  The great thing about growing at a slower rate is your ability to gauge your sector, your niche within it and to learn to scale at a moderate pace.  The nice thing about building your company this way is your ability to learn as you go. You build your team and you enhance your product on an as needed basis.
  3. A sense of community makes all of the difference in the world. There is something wonderful about a community wrapping their arms around you and cheering you on as you make your way toward success. When people hear about your product or your ideas, they want to know more, they’re open to a quick demo, they’re curious about what it is you’re doing and how you’re getting it done!  Small town support can really help get you on your way!

Regardless of where you live, everything starts as nothing.

It’s easy to look at the world’s largest companies and think, “I could never start something like that.” And you’d be right. Most large and successful companies took decades to get where they are today.

They didn’t start by trying to create Amazon, Apple, and Google. They started by creating an online bookstore, a computer idea and a search algorithm.

Whether it’s a garage, a basement, or a dorm room, every business has humble beginnings. The beauty is, it’s not about where you start, it’s about where you end up.



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