Making Sense of Work-Life Balance

CPiHDZjWsAAsb1tFinding a good balance between work and family has always been a top priority of mine. Life’s calendar quickly fills up with a full time career and two busy little girls. I have learned now more than ever that finding an appropriate balance between it all is an absolute must…and the only way to stay sane!

But wait a minute! Is it even possible to have a perfectly organized home, perfectly organized career and maintain a perfectly organized state of mind? Here are some tips I’ve learned about getting real with the concept of work – life balance.

  1. I quickly had to accept the fact that I needed to embrace imperfection. With working 40 hours per week and maintaining a busy schedule for my children, perfection is impossible to achieve. Prioritizing quickly became my main priority!
  1. Let go of the little things. Hanging onto the little quirks or to-do’s can really bog you down. An unswept floor, a few extra dishes, slow service, little irks or bumps in the road can alter a plan or produce negative energy. Letting little things go certainly takes some re-programming, some deep breaths and some inward dialogue about what really matters and what really deserves our focus and energy.
  1. Practice mindfulness. I practice being mindful in the moment. Whatever it may be that I am working on I put my entire heart into it. Whether it be a project for work or a Lego session with my girls, I try my best to be mindful of the moment I am in. It is difficult and takes some training as we live in a fast-forward world. When I find my mind wandering from the moment to my to-do list, I tune into the sights and sounds of the moment reminding myself that this is my only opportunity to fully experience this moment.
  1. Marry a man who has your back! Having someone in my life that works hard and wants all the same things I do has helped tremendously. His efforts at helping me keeping home and extra curricular activities organized has allowed me to achieve what I feel is a good balance between work and life!



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