A Day in The Life of Me


My friends and family often ask me, “So what do you really do?” In response, I usually give them a quick synopsis of my day-to-day responsibilities while at work, but I never really take the time to explain in detail what I do. So, today I’ve decided to take you through “a day in the life of me”…


My alarm goes off at the same time every morning. I really could wake up fifteen minutes later, but when would I have time to check my social media? We all know how much exciting stuff happens on Facebook during those hours that we’re sleeping.


My work day starts! When I first come in I check my emails, return phone calls and prioritize what has to be done for the day. Being a Recruiter, I receive resumes, reference checks and employment inquiries through the night via email. First order of business is to review all emails…which sometimes rolls into the next day. During that time I also screen new resumes, add reference checks to candidate files, respond to employment inquiries and much more.

When screening resumes, there are three points I look for:

  1. Designation – Depending on the designation, the experience and education differs. Once I know the designation, I know what else to look for.
  2. Education – According to the Ministry of Long Term Care, all Personal Support Workers must have obtained a Certificate from a post-secondary school and all Nurses must be registered within the province of Ontario.
  3. Experience – It is Plan A policy that all staff have one year of experience working within their designation prior to hire.

If all three points check out, I proceed to booking the interviews.

While answering my emails from the night before, I also conduct up to six interviews throughout the day; three in the morning and three in the afternoon. These interviews take approximately half an hour to complete, and once complete, I call out to their references.


Lunch time! Or should I say, ’Eat at my desk and finish my emailing’ time?


The afternoon interviews begin. By this point, all of the emails that I had responded to in the morning now have responses. Time to do it all over again!

When I have time to spare, I often try to reconnect with old staff who I have not been in contact with for a while. Although I don’t always have time to reconnect, I feel as though it’s an important thing to do. Without our staff I wouldn’t have the position that I do!


Marks the end of my day. It never seems like there is enough time in the day to finish your work, does it?

I forgot to mention that, in addition to interviewing, emailing and calling, I also keep up with weekly blogging, update and create job postings, implement policies and procedures, respond to shift requests and more.

I wonder what else I left out?


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