4 Reasons to Love The A Team!


4reasonsI have the pleasure of working with an amazing team in and out of our office. We are 8 ladies strong in office and 200 Nurses and Personal Support Workers who share a common goal and vision of healthcare for our elderly. In case you haven’t heard, we refer to our team as The A Team!

The work that this team does every day in our community is so inspiring and certainly brag-worthy.  When I see our ‘A’ Team in action it excites me and reminds me of the passion in each member of our team.

  1. They are compassionate. The A Team gives so much of themselves. The compassion within the Nurses and Personal Support workers is outstanding. They ensure the safety and wellbeing of all residents they encounter. We receive such remarkable feedback about the work our staff does. We hear that they take the extra time, they go above and beyond, they make final moments of life peaceful for residents and are a pleasure to work with. This feedback is so fulfilling, not to mention goose bump inducing.
  2. They are reliable. The nature of our work often has our RNs and PSWs accepting shifts at the very last minute. Often times, they trade in a day off to loan a helping hand in our long term care homes. Many travel between 1-4 hours eager to relieve the staff within these facilities.
  3. They get it! Each and every team member understands the vision, goals and what Plan A stands for. They are inspired and driven, working hard to share their experience, compassion and know-how with the Long Term Care Sector.
  4. They are smart and come well recommended. We receive so many wonderful references and recommendations for our staff. We often share these outstanding recommendations around the office reminding us how passionate these professionals are.

Working with such a remarkable team providing solutions for our long term care sector is so motivating. I look forward to what The A Team will do in the months and years to come!



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