So, You Want to Be in Marketing?


CQz6gMsXAAAlxPYI’m often asked why I chose to pursue an education in Business Administration/Marketing.  As mentioned before in my introductory blog, I spontaneously chose to accept my offer in Business at Cambrian College.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the program, and only loosely heard of the term “marketing”.  After a few marketing classes, topics started to resonate with me and I began to see the world differently.  I paid more attention to commercials, product packaging, and social media.  I started to look at my own spending patterns, wondering why I was enticed to purchase certain things.  I analyzed brands and commercials in my mind, thinking of ways I could improve upon them.  I was absolutely consumed by the world of marketing–and I loved it!

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career or education in marketing, or perhaps are looking to hire an individual to carry out all marketing functions in your company, below are six qualities to consider.

  1. Introvert or Extrovert? I know that some people could argue this quality all day, but I think that both personality types could pursue a career in marketing.  I am naturally a very introverted person.  I am quiet, soft-spoken and I love to put my head down and work diligently on projects.  I believe that introverted individuals can be a great asset to any team.  On the other hand, extroverted personalities are capable of turning on the charm, networking, and establishing relationships with new clients.
  2. Creative. If you’re naturally artistic and imaginative, marketing might be a great fit for you. Before marketing, I had always enjoyed helping friends with website design, crafting, and playing around with graphic design programs.  When you’re creative by nature, it’s easier to understand what message you want to convey to consumers and create something that’s visually pleasing to the eye.
  3. Lifelong student. The world of marketing is rapidly changing.  Individuals considering pursuing a career in marketing must have a strong thirst for knowledge.  Be prepared to regularly attend seminars and conferences, participate in self-directed learning, and actively analyze trends.
  4. Customer-centric. If you believe in always putting the consumer first, then a career in marketing is great for you.  Marketing is all about understanding the customers’ needs first, and then figuring out how to create value for consumers based on those needs.
  5. Ability to switch gears quickly. A career in marketing is never stagnant.  Chances are, you’re rarely doing the same thing every day.  If you’re working with more than one client, you may be given a variety of tasks and projects to complete.  It’s important for you to be able to stop one, and pick up another and devote the same amount of attention and detail to all of your clients. Exceptional organization skills come in handy, too!
  6. Passionate. I strongly believe that when picking a career you should always “do what you love and love what you do”. When you pour your heart into your work it really makes a difference—and it shows.

There you have it—a few important traits to consider. I encourage you to further explore the different paths of marketing to find out if there’s a perfect fit for you!  A career in marketing is extraordinarily dynamic, exciting and rewarding—but I may be just a little biased 😉


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