Recipe for a Good Week

Recipe - Great week (1).jpg

Let’s face it! We all love weekends! Who doesn’t love a Saturday or Sunday relaxing and enjoying with friends and family? I know we sure do! While our weekdays are productive, busy, and fun, the week sure does demand a lot of energy so I make sure we practice healthy habits and self care!

Now to share my recipe for great week ahead!


2 cups of Self Care: I believe that self care is the most important ingredient in this recipe. Self care includes healthy diet, physical fitness, healthy sleep schedule and stress management. Taking good care of oneself will ensure a productive week ahead.

1 cup of Self Discipline: It can be easy to stray away from the task at hand and our self care efforts. A little dash of self control and discipline will ensure your body and mind are ready to take on the goals of the week!

½ cup of Positive Attitude: One sure fire way to have a great week is deciding in advance that your week will be a great one. Attitude is everything; if you expect success and expect the best then you will be prepared to invest the best of yourself in everything you do.

1 Tbsp of Goal Setting: Setting small goals every week will help you work towards those large goals. Crossing items off a to-do list feels great and provides a sense of accomplishment. Write out your weekly goals at the beginning of your week and tackle those hefty items first!


Blend all ingredients together, have fun and make the most of every moment while speeding through weekly tasks, events and extracurricular activities!

Enjoy! The weekend is right around the corner…


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