5 Twitter Tips For Any Business


When I first started managing our company’s Twitter account, I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult of a feat. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts were linked, so half of the work was done!  As weeks went by, I noticed our follower count on Twitter dropping pretty drastically.  I scrolled through our Twitter feed and was shocked by the sight; the content that I worked diligently on wasn’t there—in its place were numerous links to our Facebook posts, cluttering our Twitter feed.   I realized why so many people were unfollowing our Twitter account—the content we were posting looked like spam!  I quickly unlinked the accounts, cleaned up our feed and began posting a variety of engaging content…it’s a slow process but I notice every day that more people are engaging with our brand.  Here are some tips to excel on Twitter:

  1. Keep your social accounts separate. It may seem like it’s more efficient to link your Facebook to your Twitter account, but as I’ve just explained, the formatting between the two platforms are completely different. If you don’t link your accounts, you’ll end up with a much more streamlined and cleaner looking feed.
  2. Stop selling. I’m not suggesting that you should never promote your product or service, but your followers will quickly unfollow you if you’re only posting ads about your brand multiple times a day. Switch it up a little bit! The most engaging tweets on our account are links to our blog that are posted daily; we often see these posts get retweeted, “favourited” 1 to 4 times, and we often gain 2-5 loyal followers each time a new blog post is tweeted. Try retweeting articles and content about topics that relate to your product, industry, and interests of your target market.
  3. Ensure your content aligns with your brand. While you’ll probably come across some pretty interesting tweets and trends that pop up on your stream (such as celebrity gossip or memes only you and your best friend would understand), don’t share it with your consumers!  Make sure the identity of your brand doesn’t get lost in the midst of unrelated content. Consumers often research brands before making purchases—ensure your Twitter feed reflects the value of YOUR brand, not others.
  4. Let your personality shine. Communication is key on social media! Be approachable and authentic. If your brand is vibrant and fun, be sure your consumers can see that through your interactions on Twitter. It’s important to ensure that your personality on social media matches that of your brand.
  5. Be social. If you took the time to create a Twitter account be sure to use it!  Interact with consumers, participate in social customer service, and communicate with other brands. When you dedicate the time to be active on Twitter, people will notice and your feed will become vibrant!

Try these tips out and see how well they work for your company! Happy Tweeting!


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