Google Before You Tweet

CRseyzxUcAAQN1C.pngSocial media.  I’m hooked.  I use it personally, professionally and a combination of both.  I am surprised when I hear fellow entrepreneurs say they still don’t use it very much.    To me, it’s hands down the quickest and most affordable way to connect with people. I’ve heard that social media in 2015 compares to having a phone line in 1995.  EVERY.  BODY. HAD. ONE.  And they all knew how to use it.

Here are some tips that can connect you with your audience and help you build a social media impression that lasts.

  1. Choose the platform that you are most comfortable with. There are too many social media platforms to count.  I choose to use the ones I know best such as Facebook and LinkedIn.  Others in our office favor Twitter and Instagram.  Take the time to learn what platforms best fit for your business and then do an exceptional job working on them.
  2. Make sure your posts are timely. Match your posts up with the best days and times to reach your target audience.  For many businesses this is Monday to Friday from 10 am – 4pm, however, it really depends who you’re targeting.  Know who you are targeting.
  3. Build relationships. Avoid preaching to your audience.  Focus more on engaging with them.  If somebody reaches out to you, reply to them with a sense of urgency.  Like and comment on your connection’s posts.  Share posts that are aligned with your vision.  This could be quotes, classes, other businesses info, pictures, etc.  It is important that each relationship you build is a two-way street.
  4. Don’t focus on sales.  Social media isn’t a direct sales platform.  It is a way to improve your business.  Again, use it to build relationships, meet new people, share your message and give your audience a better idea of who you are.
  5. Grammar is important. Use spell check, then double check, read things over, and out loud. Have someone else proof each and every thing you put on social media. Don’t let bad grammar and spelling errors lower your audience’s impression of your brand.
  6. Hire a social media manager. If you find yourself micro-managing your social media accounts then it’s time to hire somebody to do it.  Our Marketing and Social Media manager adds incredible value to my organization.  She works magic, better and faster than anybody in our office can.

I believe that being active on social media is a must to create that buzz around your business. Although the importance of social media in today’s business world is unquestionable, many businesses are still not making the most of its full potential. It takes passion, creativity, and consistency to keep your audiences tuned in and aware of your brand.


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