4 Things I Have Learned in One Year

CRxOAvcWwAAfqZw.pngA little over a year ago I took a leap of faith from a job I had been doing for 10 years and transitioned to the Plan A Team! It was the best leap I could have ever taken. I have been provided with multiple opportunities to challenge myself, to learn and to grow.

Here is a short list of things I have learned in one year:

  1. Challenge = Growth. We’ve all heard it: “the magic happens beyond your comfort zone.” Well, I have learned that this is true. Those feelings of discomfort mean something big is about to happen—something that involves self improvement, increases confidence and makes you want to push the boundaries even further.
  2. Passion + Teamwork = Success. Working alongside the team at Plan A, one can quickly pick up on the amount of passion each and every member has.  Passion for the work we do, and a team of driven ladies equals success every day. Our team is ready to jump in with both feet running which means anything can be accomplished!
  3. A good Leader is a source of inspiration and motivation. Many employers refer to themselves as leaders, however, not all employers carry the passion and drive to inspire and motivate their team. This past year I have learned that the qualities of a good leader include the ability to inspire confidence in others, the ability to provide reassurance in times of uncertainty, and an honest character approaching life in a transparent manner while earning the trust and respect of her team along the way.
  4. Change is great! Change means we are growing personally and or professionally. Adaptability comes from looking at change as an opportunity rather than a daunting task. Anything can change at a moment’s notice and embracing that ability to roll with the punches is key to a successful transition.

Those were just a couple of things I have learned in my first year as the Director of Health Care Staffing at Plan A! I am excited and eager to see what the coming years bring for our team. Time to hold on, work hard and enjoy the ride!


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