10 Pet Peeves on Social Media

1682570-poster-1280-hater-appHave you ever scrolled through your social media feeds and stumbled upon content from people or brands that instantly annoyed you?  I know I have.  The nature of my career requires me to spend upwards of 30-40 hours per week scanning through feeds on various platforms.  Spending that much time on social media has made me hyperaware of the way both brands and individuals interact.  It also means that I come across annoyances on a regular basis.  I have complied a list of some of the top pet peeves that I encounter on almost a daily basis.

  1. Linking your Facebook account to your Twitter account. In my last blog, 5 Twitter Tips for Any Business, I explained how important it is to keep these two accounts separate. The reason? The formatting between these platforms is completely different. When you post a photo with a caption on Facebook, the photo will not appear on your Twitter feed, and the caption will likely not either if it exceeds too many characters! Twitter will automatically generate a link that leads your followers back to the Facebook post. The problem? If you post frequently on Facebook, your Twitter feed will be flooded with links that look like spam.  Plus, your Twitter followers are on Twitter for a reason.  They likely don’t want to leave their Twitter stream to visit your Facebook page.
  2. Auto DM (Direct Message). While many people believe direct message is a great sales tool, it should be used correctly. When I follow someone on Twitter and I automatically get a direct message from them that is very generic, I likely will unfollow them immediately. If you’re trying to sell your brand, it’s important to create value for consumers. Sending your followers a message outlining all of the features of your product likely isn’t going to cut it. Personalize your message! Let your new follower know how your brand can create value specifically for them.
  3. F4F (Follow-for-follow). I cringe every time someone @s me or sends me a direct message letting me know that they followed me and that I should follow them. The great thing about social media is that you receive notifications for new activity—that includes receiving notifications for new followers! Asking people to follow you for the sake of increasing your follower count is silly. Follow brands and individuals that relate to your brand, product, and industry. If you want people to follow you back, interact with them!
  4. People/brands who can’t stop selling. Yes, the whole point of social media marketing is to market your brand. However, there’s no reason to always be selling. Switch it up a little! Interact with consumers, post content that relates to your industry, and share content from others.
  5. Posting content all the time. It’s okay to take a break! Tweeting 20 times in an hour is never a good idea.
  6. #Overusing #Hashtags. #It’s #just #not #necessary #to #hashtag #every #single #word.  Think of hashtags as keywords; use certain keywords to attract your target market. Chances are people aren’t searching for the keywords #just or #not.
  7. Lack of social customer service. Don’t send cookie-cutter replies to your customers when an issue arises. Foster the relationship you’ve built with your customer by personalizing your response, and assist them until the problem is solved.
  8. Only posting quotes. Quotes definitely work. Whether they’re testimonials from your customers, or motivational quotes from Steve Jobs, they’re a great form of content you should definitely use…just not all the time.
  9. Keeping your account private. If you’re a brand, your Twitter feed should always be public. People shouldn’t have to request to follow you…it’ll likely turn them away.
  10. Posting the same content on every platform. It’s okay to post content across all of your platforms in order to reach different people on various networks, but you shouldn’t post the same update on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest account at the exact same time.

So…what bugs you on social media?


2 thoughts on “10 Pet Peeves on Social Media

  1. Jennifer Ring

    Great job Megan! You hit on almost all of the most annoying things about social media…. you just forgot “Posting 10 Photo-shopped Selfies a Day”. I mean, I know what you look like, and that ain’t it! 😉


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