Efficiency – Step 1

efficiency level conceptual meter indicate hundred per cent, isolated on white background

“Efficiency is intelligent laziness”
– David Dunham

Being the CEO of a company rolling out an efficiency staffing software product puts the pressure on to be efficient across all lines. Being resourceful at work and capable is one thing. Getting through your tasks in a manner that creates time saving and cost effective measures is ideal. For me, 2015 is and was all about super efficiency, both professionally and personally. If efficiency and productivity is what you’re after, then I strongly suggest starting with step 1 – Plan Ahead!

Research indicates that those who plan ahead get ahead. If you plan as soon as tonight for tomorrow, not only will you sleep more soundly, you’ll be more effective the following day. Writing out tomorrow’s ‘to do’s’ means that you can rest knowing what’s expected of you in the morning and throughout your day. Where do you start? If you haven’t yet listened to or read Brian Tracy’s “Eat That Frog”, I would highly recommend it! In his book, Brian makes 21 recommendations, each of which aids you in avoiding procrastination. Number one on that list is his description of taking your biggest and hardest task (your frog) and putting it at the top of your list. Make it your priority and once it’s done, you’ll be able to freely focus on all of your other tasks. By removing that one road block, you allow yourself to get everything else done without ‘your frog’ getting in the way. So when planning your next day, don’t forget to list that big task you’ve likely been avoiding. That’s the key to a more efficient and productive day.

Let’s recap: list everything; personal and professional that you need to accomplish tomorrow, figure out your biggest task and then prioritize the rest of your tasks and then… sleep soundly! Complete and repeat tomorrow night.


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