Gut Nut

albertA sudden urge. Chills or goosebumps that run through your body. A funny feeling in your stomach.  An inexplicable feeling that something is up.  These are your gut feelings talking and I am a gut nut!  I trust my gut and I encourage everybody around me to trust theirs too.  Because I listen to mine, I’ve been able to make some great decisions, I’ve come up with some pretty awesome ideas (I blow my own mind some days!), I’ve surrounded myself with incredible people and I have a laser sharp focus on my business.  Here are three gut feelings I never ignore:

When something in my body doesn’t feel right.  Nobody knows my body better than I do.  Intuition is your first warning sign that something is off.  Physical symptoms can be giving you a glimpse of things to come.  For example, if your energy goes down when you discuss a specific idea, your body is telling you that that this idea will take more energy from you than it will give.  Listen to your body to avoid getting into situations that make you stressed, anxious, or depressed.

When somebody I meet doesn’t feel right.  I meet a lot of people.  Most of them are authentic and transparent and I know pretty quickly if I can trust them.  Occasionally, my gut gets really uncomfortable around somebody I am introduced to.  I take this as a sign that I should not hire this person, do business with them, or trust them with anything important; I often find out at a later time that my gut was bang on!

This is it!  As an entrepreneur, my days are made up with reading, meeting with individuals, powwowing with the people I work with and coming up with ideas for my businesses.  My intuition will signal me when we’re on the right track.  All of a sudden, a decision will become very easy to make; it feels natural and increases the level of energy I have.  It’s my body’s way of telling me ‘you’ve got this’!

These are only a few of the ways my gut talks to me.  What I’ve noticed is that because I use my gut instincts to make big decisions, it’s led me to choices that are truly satisfying.  My gut has helped me to connect with people, have deeper experiences and allows me to be really smart about the direction I am going with my business.


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