To – DONE! 5 Tips to Knocking Down That To-Do List


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We all have to-do lists. We all have items that are necessary to strike off the daily list. We all have distractions and interruptions that sometimes make us feel like nothing will ever get done!

I can’t accept that; I like to get my task list complete! In fact, my favorite task of the day is crossing items off of that task list.

A few tips I have picked up to ensure I get that task list done are below. Utilizing one or all of them will get you crossing those tasks off in no time!

  1. Focus. Battle those distractions early in the day. Your very first accomplishment will set the tone for the remainder of your day. Get up and at ’em by planning your morning the night before. Have a few easy to accomplish tasks set aside and soon this will become your morning routine, which will flow into a day of success.
  2. Write it down!  Whether it’s your next big idea or something that you just can’t forget, as soon as it pops into your head be sure to record it in your day planner, task manager, notes or reminders app. I’ve learned that these ideas or tasks jump out of your mind as quickly as they enter. Plus, by writing down the task, you can cross it off or delete it with that feeling of completion that never gets old.
  3. Be Accountable. Do what you say and say what you do! Hold yourself accountable—whether it is to your team, your employer, your staff, and/or your family. Know that regardless of the size or importance of the task that someone is awaiting a response or an action from you. Being accountable ensures that you will remain on task.
  4. Clarify.  Sometimes jotting down ideas without clarification can cause later confusion when you re-visit your task list. It is helpful to break down your task into action items. This way one large, lofty goal or task may seem easier to accomplish when we break it down into smaller tasks.
  5. Delegate. This is one that I have yet to completely conquer but I am working on it! However, I have read and witnessed that this definitely helps gain efficiency. Trusting your teammates to take on tasks is essential and fosters a helping environment.

 Use a few or all of these tip and complete projects with a sense of accomplishment! Grab a coffee, take a few tips and make that to – do list a to – DONE list!



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