6 Tips for Providing Exceptional Social Customer Service


CTEPpGwWsAAdk0r.jpgA few weeks ago I created a blog about the importance of implementing social customer service into your marketing strategy; the main point boils down to the fact that you should be wherever your customers are. It’s been refreshing to see so many companies interacting with their customers whenever I scroll through my social media feeds. I’ve been observing these interactions closely and compiled a list of tips that can help you provide exceptional social customer service to your consumers.

  1. Be quick to respond. When someone posts on your Facebook page or @s you on Twitter, be sure to respond as quickly as possible. Not only will the individual likely become more hostile if the complaint goes unanswered, but everyone can see the negativity that’s brewing about your brand.
  2. Listen. Copying and pasting a generic response for each concern will likely make the situation worse because the customer will feel undervalued. Address the customer by their name, read their issue in its entirety, and try to rectify the situation or at least refer them to someone else who can.
  3. Be specific. If you require a certain action from your customer, be as specific as possible. Some issues may require additional details from the customer that would be best shared via direct message, over the telephone, via email, etcetera. Be sure to let your customer know why you need to move the interaction to another method of communication so that they do not feel like they are getting the ‘run around’.
  4. Respect their privacy. Never ask for private details about your customer such as their address, phone number, and last digits of their credit card number, etcetera. The internet is a very public forum. Asking for such private details can lead your customers to believe that your brand does not respect their sensitive information.
  5. Provide a real solution. Once you receive a complaint from your customer, your relationship with them is probably a little bit rocky. Make sure you provide a solution for your customer that is mutually beneficial. Providing a coupon and rebate to a customer that just found a dead reptile in their canned food most likely will not make your customer feel appreciated.
  6. Be personable. Social media was created as a fun interaction tool, so let your personality shine! Include your name so that customers know they are interacting with a live person. Use humor to lighten the situation. Make small talk so customers feel like you genuinely care.

It may require additional work, time and money for your brand to provide your consumers with customer service via the internet. But if your customers are demanding it, you can’t afford not to.


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