Carpe the Heck Out of This Diem


The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. -Oprah Winfrey

One year ago today I woke up an absolute nervous wreck! November 6th, 2014, I got up on a stage and introduced our software to 100 eager individuals. Our launch was a whirlwind. We prepared for months…the location, the menu, the signature drink, the prizes, the presentation itself; everything had to be perfect! We invited friends, key players, community leaders and they all showed up! Northern Ontario wanted to know what StaffStat was all about and we were ready to show them. Immediately following the launch, we all came together for drinks as we celebrated the evening’s success. Pictures, glasses clinking, smiles and laughter defined a night that remains etched in my memory!

My motto: If you forget to celebrate success, success may forget to find you. Not every celebration requires an expensive dinner or a crowd for drinks. When I signed up my first paying customer with our software, a feeling of satisfaction never before experience settled over me. It was proof that someone wanted what we were offering.  It was a smaller size organization that inquired about our product. I met with them, gave them a demo and 2 weeks later I was training their staff and walked away with my first official contract!

Beyond the signature on the dotted line, it meant traction for our software, a testimonial, a logo on our website. I didn’t need a bouquet of flowers or a flashy dinner reservation to make the moment a celebration. I asked my husband to pick up a vintage bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and we shared the bottle together while I basked in the glow of success as he looked at me beaming with pride. It’s a moment I won’t soon forget.

What are some of the things we forget to celebrate?

  1. Reaching a milestone toward a larger goal
  2. Making an error that teaches you something of value
  3. Every year survived in business

Teams and organizations that focus on and celebrate success create more success. Success becomes ingrained in the culture and people naturally look for it, focus on it and expect it. So how do we put this into practice? The ideas are endless but here are few: If you are in sales, have a sales meeting each week (in person or by phone) and share success stories. If you are in management, recognize people and their success throughout the year and not just during annual meetings. Celebrate the small wins as much as the big wins. Celebrate successful projects and implementations. As a leader you’ll want to praise people and reinforce successes that shine a spotlight on important goals and growth initiatives. For your own personal growth, keep a daily and weekly success journal. Write down your success of the day. Do this for 30 days and you’ll see amazing results. What we focus on shows up more in our life. If we look for and celebrate success the law of attraction dictates that we’ll have even more to celebrate.



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