remembrance-veteran.jpgIn honour of Remembrance Day, I have decided to take a different spin on my weekly blog and share a story that touched my heart.

November 11th, the day we all take a moment and recall the courageous men and women who fought so bravely for our country. As we grow we learn the sacrifices these individuals made so that we, and generations to come, can live in a country of peace.

Last week my daughters celebrated Veteran’s week at their school. They were to wear red and black and to attend a celebration with their peers. They listened to stories from past veterans and participated in a moment of silence.

On the drive home that day we chatted about the celebration and her thoughts surrounding the event. She recalled a soldier from the celebration, “his name is George”, she said. “He’s the cutest little man and my most favorite soldier.” She then proceeded to describe his features, painting a picture in my mind. I asked what George taught her; she told me that George fought in the war and that it was really horrible. She told me she felt sad for George; to which I explained what a special man he and his fellow veterans are.

We talked about the sacrifices that women and men, like George, made to attend the war; that some had no choice. That most had families to which they left for very long periods of time. She understood that some of George’s friends did not return to their families; that their goal was to fight for the freedom of their country and that some lost their lives to do so.

Her experience that day and the memory she has created in relation to Remembrance Day will be one she will hold onto for years to come. Her experience made me reminisce of celebrations as I was growing up and how vital it is for young minds to understand the meaning of this day. Her experiences will continue to grow as she grows older and understands more.

However, this day marked a day where she now has a visual, at a time where she can make and understand the relation and relevance of this veteran’s experiences.

I am sure, we as adults, can all recall a “George”—a veteran at a school assembly which pulled at those heart strings and made you realize what a beautiful country we live in.

Thank you George, for taking a special space in the heart of my daughter, helping her understand and learn gratefulness for what you and your fellow veterans have done for our country. She is now, an even prouder Canadian.



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