Don’t Worry, I Won’t Get all “Salesy” On You


CUG3mV0UwAA3oMDSales was never part of my “big picture”. I’ve always had this misconception that being in sales meant that you had to be pushy, aggressive and impatient.  I was not interested in appearing that way to the general eye. It wasn’t until I actually closed a sale that I realized that it was a total misconception if presented properly.

In business, we are always selling something. It can be tangible or it can be our self during an interview. Everyday we encounter some sort of sale that we must make the decision to buy into or not. Sometimes we don’t even have to think about the answer; it’s just a quick reaction to make a decision and sometimes we need to ask more questions to gather more information to close the sale.

In order to sell, you must “be the product of the product,” and by this I mean you must 100% believe in what you are trying to sell and have first hand knowledge regarding the item. Would you sell a Ford if all you’ve ever known and loved was a Dodge? Would you sell something without first knowing more about it?

The process of the sale is an experience. Initially, you need to be somewhat interested in order to move forward with the next steps. The “seller” must be confident in selling or it will be over before it even starts. Confidence is the key ingredient of a successful sales experience. Have you ever thought about why you decided to buy something? You probably were impressed with the look of it, the price was within your budget and the idea of why it would be to your benefit was clear.  If the sales person was rude to you during the sale, would you buy from them without even knowing the price or any other details? I would assume not.  Would you leave a tip for someone who delivered bad service?

When you know the product, present it well and leave no questions unanswered, the sale is more inclined to be positive. If you believe in what you are selling, you should have no problem delivering an amazing presentation to your customers. I am in no way an expert in sales, but I do strive to learn every day to perfect my delivery and knowledge on whatever it is I am selling. You are the first person your client will associate your product to when selling, so you always keep your vision in line with your process.  Know what you are selling and decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Your ethics come into play during the sales presentation as well. Is what your selling against your beliefs? Don’t bend your beliefs for a sale, people will recognize this and be turned off. Be confident, be your product and present yourself in a professional manner. Sales isn’t for everyone but it is associated with almost everything we do and you’ve probably sold something in your life previously without even knowing it. Being in sales is more about building relationships than the actual sale.

My advice is to change your perception of the sales person and listen to what they have to say. Whatever they may be selling may not always be for you, but it might be for someone you may know and could truly benefit them. Take the time to listen to the information and provide any feedback you feel may be necessary to improve the experience for the next buyer!

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