How to (Effectively) Work From Home


A career in marketing is very dynamic! My job requires me to work on multiple projects at once. Whether I’m creating ad content, scheduling social media posts, or prepping marketing materials for a conference, my mind is constantly running. Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, especially in a very busy environment. I was recently given the opportunity to work from home one day per week in order to utilize my energy on the tasks that required the largest amount of attention. Working from home has also allowed me to schedule and prep imminent tasks for the following week. Because I never previously had the opportunity to work from home, I had to quickly learn to adjust to a new working environment. Below are some tips that helped me in effectively working from home:

  • Maintain a routine. If you normally wake up at 6:30 AM in order to prepare for the day and your commute, stick to the same routine even when you work from home. If you do not follow your normal routine, your whole internal schedule may be thrown off. Use the extra time in the morning to relax before your actual start time, or to prepare your tasks for the day. Be sure to follow your regular schedule for all aspects of your day; take your lunch and breaks when you usually would back at the office.
  • Dress the part. It may be tempting to work from home in your comfortable clothes all day, but dress exactly how you do when you’re working in the office. Dressing as you usually would will create structure in your day, and will likely help you to be more productive in accomplishing your tasks.
  • Make a list. I always start my day by creating a list. I write down the things I would like to accomplish during the day, listing them in order of importance. To me, the most important tasks are those that are required to be completed within the next 1-3 days, and/or tasks that I would be more productive working on from home. Next, I highlight the 3 most important tasks in different colours and break them down into smaller tasks and ideas. Breaking down large tasks into smaller ones makes them more manageable.
  • Setup a work space. Choose an area in your home to be your designated work space. Keep it clutter-free and be sure to have your necessities within arm’s reach. Having the tools and resources that you require to effectively complete your work will limit the number of times that you need to leave your desk.
  • Minimize your distractions. Work in a location where your distractions are absolutely minimal. Unless you work well with white noise in the background, don’t turn on music or your television. If your phone frequently chirps or lights up with notifications, turn your phone on silent or ensure it’s not close by.
  • Check in. Keep in frequent contact with your team throughout the day. If you’re working on a project together, ensure that everyone is being held accountable for their part. Checking your email allows you to stay in the loop with what’s happening back at the office. However, emails can also become a distraction, so use discretion in deciding which emails to view and who to reply to.

I hope these tips help you with your work from home day!


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