5 Apps That Make Me More Efficient


Social media on smartphoneStart where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. ~ Arthur Ashe

As CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers and employees, we are all seeking ways to be more efficient. Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I am addicted to apps! The fact that I can make a virtual visit to a store that provides me with tools to enhance my workday makes me smile! I cruise through the newest apps at least twice a week, and, because I am passionate about being efficient and organized, I always end up downloading the latest productivity app to see how it can help me in my day to day.

I could probably rhyme off 100 apps that are great but instead, I’ve decided to list my favorite 5:

  • TurboScan: This app quickly scans multi page documents and then converts them to PDF. This app is essential for anyone on the go who is required to fire off paperwork of any type. I use it to send forms, contracts, financials and meeting notes when I don’t have a copier or scanner available and sometimes, even if I do!
  • Mynd: I have easily tried 15-20 different calendar apps in the hopes of finding the right one for me! Last month, I lucked out. I stumbled upon Mynd. Mynd is not only aesthetically pleasing, it syncs to your calendar and alerts you before a meeting to tell you when you should leave (taking current traffic conditions into consideration). Beyond providing typical features (how many events left in my day, list view or daily view), Mynd also tracks your KMs on a daily basis. This is by far, the best calendar app I’ve ever used!
  • Todoist: I am a list person! Everything is categorized on a list, whether it’s personal or professional. Again, I’ve tried and tried to find the perfect app for my lovely and abundant lists. I admit that I purchased the premium version of the app once I discovered its potential! You can create notes, add reminders, add task notes to projects, attach files, record voice messages and add custom labels and filters. It’s simply the best application for lists that I’ve had the pleasure of trying.
  • Evernote: The absolute BEST app for a creative mind! It’s like a vision board on your phone! Create a notebook and then go crazy: add notes, create checklists, snap photos, leave voice memos all on the same note. Basically, if you have a meeting and you come up with a brilliant chart or drawing depicting something of value, snap a pic and add it to that note. If someone said something great, repeat it in a voice memo and attach it to the notebook. You can then share this notebook with anyone.
  • CamCard: When you attend networking events, it’s easy to lose those little business cards you eagerly collect along the way. I had a vast collection and it was getting cumbersome! Finding the app that could scan, save and categorize business cards AND offer decent accuracy when scanning was a challenge. CamCard is the one that I prefer and I use it regularly.

In today’s work world, apps can make you the most efficient you’ve ever been. Visit the App Store, experiment and be more productive than you ever thought possible, I dare you!


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