6 Tips for a Stress-free Holiday


It’s coming! The much anticipated season is here and Christmas is just 24 shopping days away. The holiday season brings so much joy, however, it can induce stress. Here are some tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed as we start the count down!

  1. Stay productive. Don’t allow the business of the holiday season to interfere with the day to day productivity of your business. Work smart and stay on top of that to do list and ahead of your deadlines.
  1. Stay energized. Keep up with your exercise and sleep routines by making them priority. These habits will feed you with the energy you need to battle any extra stressors or tasks in the coming weeks. With the holidays come the extra calories and cups of cheers, enjoy these responsibly without having the sluggish aftereffects.
  1. Pace and prioritize. Plan ahead to ensure you have your holiday to-do lists in order. Many take advantage of online shopping to alleviate the hustle and bustle within shopping centres. If you do plan to shop in store, try local! Spend some time browsing local shops where you’ll be sure to find some great treats for your family and friends. Pace your shopping lists with small trips out that don’t demand too much of your time.
  1. Learn to say no. Pace your holiday activities and learn to say no to events that may not be in line with your intentions this holiday season. Do the things that you find meaning in and serve you. Find time for self care, to be alone and reflect without distraction.
  1. Keep up with traditions. Do things that have meaning; holiday baking with friends and relatives, giving back to charities, family hikes and holiday movies are a few of my personal favorites.
  1. Practice mindfulness. Take time to determine where you want to focus your time and energy this season by setting an intention for what you want your holidays to be. Savor life’s small pleasures and notice the magic of the season. Take some time to disconnect and be in the moment.

Make the holidays what you want them to be. Make your expectations of the holidays realistic so they can be easily enjoyed. Keep it simple!



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