Colour & Branding: How Consumers Interpret Colour

Logo design is one of the most important components of a company’s overall branding strategy. The shapes, font, symbols, and wording are all elements that must be considered during the design process. But, many individuals don’t realize how  big of an impact colour has in the overall appearance of a brand. When creating a logo for their business, many individuals choose colours that are personally appealing to them and don’t consider how the colour will resonate with consumers. Think about it for a second — what is one of the most memorable logos you can imagine? Which element of the logo stands out the most in your mind? What sort of emotions are evoked when you picture this logo? Did you know that 90% of consumers make judgments about a product solely based on colour and 80% of consumers feel that colour increases brand recognition? With these findings it’s pretty clear as to why colour plays such a huge part in branding.

So, how do consumers really feel when they view brands? I have created an infographic outlining logo colours and the emotions that are evoked among individuals.


How do others view your logo? Are the interpretations accurate for your emotions? Share your comments below!





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