6 Traits I Look for in Potential Team Members!


I work with a dream team.  Our team just ‘fits’ and this ‘fit’ is easily one of our greatest success factors. Here are some of the qualities we look for in potential team members:


Finding passionate employees can be tricky but when you find them you will know.  They’re happy, they love coming to work, they believe in the vision and they know what they bring to the table to help us get there.

Strong Communicators

Our team’s been built on strong communication and it really works.  We are comfortable expressing ideas, listening to each other, responding effectively and saying the truth even when our voices shake.  We all understand our vision and we speak the same message when it comes to it!

Goal Oriented

To reach our goals we need goal-oriented people.  Those are the employees who don’t engage in office politics or start drama.  They are committed to getting their job done and are happy to share the credit amongst the team.

Attention to Detail and Organized

Being able to stay organized while paying attention to details allows everybody on our team to get their job done exceptionally well.  Also, our clients know that their best interest is our top priority.  I truly believe that attention to detail is one of those things that businesses overlook today.


Life in our office is unpredictable and our circumstances are constantly changing. Our business is evolving, growing and maturing quickly. Good employees need to be able to adapt to new situations and be able to grow with the business.  It’s difficult to work with team members who are stuck in their ways.


Creativity in your position, whatever that may be, is such an asset to your company.  We’re always looking at ways to make things better, faster and cheaper and those solutions take creativity.  One of the benefits of new hires is new ideas, but to make sure you get new ideas you need to be willing to listen, implement and improve.

Finding people with the above qualities will ensure you are on your way to building a strong team.  Be true to your corporate culture and make sure applicants feel like a good fit for it. Remember, finding great talent is one thing, but keeping it is another. So treat your great employees like the great people they are and your team will do just fine!


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