Make 2016 Happen

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The New Year is days away! Have you thought about your goals or resolutions for 2016? Have you reflected on 2015? Have you thought about what you will do to make 2016 the best year yet?

The start of a new year often signifies a fresh start, a move towards a newer more improved version of yourself.  If you haven’t done so already, now is time to set those professional and personal goals for 2016.

Plan and prepare. As you reflect on your year make note of those skills you would like to improve, the skills you want to obtain, and/or the habits you wish to make or break. Maybe you plan to continue to develop and grow professionally, maybe you want to embrace a new skill that brings value to your current position, maybe your goal is to get beyond your comfort zone. Whatever the resolution is, it is important to write it down and develop a plan or outline of those ideas you want to bring forth in 2016.

Set the bar high but be realistic. Oftentimes, New Year’s resolutions are not kept because they were unrealistic. A smart and helpful trick is to outline your main resolutions and decide what small goals need to be achieved to meet your resolutions. Once small goals are met they should be celebrated until they all lead to the final goal—the resolution.

Be accountable. Write your resolutions down along with your map on how you will achieve those goals. I often speak or write about accountability; however, today this is about being accountable to yourself. You took the time to decide where to improve yourself, you planned how you will achieve your 2016 goals, so do not let yourself down. Ensure you are taking strides towards those goals by recording your progress. Hold yourself accountable.

Maintain your traction.  You have set your goals, made your plan and are holding yourself accountable; now the trick is to keep the momentum going. Share your resolutions and progress with a supportive friend or family member. They will help you attain your goals or even jump in with you.

Striving to create an improved version of yourself should be a daily task; keep this in mind as you enter 2016 and make it your best year yet!



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