Dumb Goals for a New Year!


This is one of my favorite times of the year.  This is the time where we are heavy into planning for the year to come.  It’s a time of reflection on where we’ve been, but more importantly it’s a time to set our sights on some new opportunities.  We start each quarter with a strategic goal setting session and I believe that our team is unstoppable because of this.

Brendon Burchard does an interesting talk on ‘DUMB’ goals;  dream driven, uplifting, method friendly and behavior driven goals.  I LOVE it!  I listen to it often and I apply that concept to my own vision.

D –  I have big dream driven goals!  We’ve created an ‘Uber’-model for nursing care and we’re bringing it across Canada.  My dream is focused, thought provoking and keeps me very excited for what’s to come!

U – we’re uplifted!  Our vision charges us!  We are eradicating a huge pain point in health care; calling down ‘the list’ for staff.  I KNOW RIGHT?!  It’s a big goal for a team of mere mortals, but we’re inspired to go after it!

M – there’s a method to our madness!  Every risk we take is calculated.  We know what works but that doesn’t stop us from looking to improve what we already know.  Our methods are the competitive advantage to the effectiveness and efficiency that is Plan A and StaffStat.

B – if behavior drives our goals then our team is equipped to kick ass!  We hire people who complement our team and whose strengths are aligned with what the vision needs to materialize.  We work diligently to keep our staff understanding our direction and motivated to help get us there.  When everybody does their part, magic happens!

I love goals.  Our company culture is dominated by lofty, moon-shot dreams and great big ideas!  We don’t set ‘S.M.A.R.T’ goals, but we always end up smarter because of them.  And even though sometimes our dreams seem impossible we know that if we work together that EVERYTHING is possible!


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