#BestJobEver ~ 8 Reasons You Should Work for Plan A…or Tell Someone Else They Should!

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In case you haven’t heard of Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions, we are Greater Sudbury’s first and only health care staffing agency servicing Sudbury as well as many other Northern Ontario communities. We believe that all residents of long term care deserve access to quality and compassionate nursing care. Our agency has built a large pool of over 200 health care professionals; we are continuously recruiting Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses and Personal Support Workers. Our staff are inspired to loan their talent and experience to the long term care sector through Plan A. Nurses and Personal Support Workers accept shifts within our long term care homes ensuring that the home is operating with an adequate amount of staff.

The quality care and service they provide to this sector is essential to the staff working within the home and the residents residing there. Our team ensures quality care to our most vulnerable population and they make a substantial difference in the work they do.

Here are a few reasons why our staff LOVE to be part of the A Team and why YOU should tell EVERYONE you know!PLAN51. Earn Extra Money. Most of our staff work within the acute care sector or community and loan their experience to Plan A when they are off rotation. The income they make from Plan A is extra money, outside of their regular income. Our staff make $20 – $59 per hour depending on their designation. Some use their Plan A income as their ‘play money’; using it to pay for vacations for their families or to purchase those ‘extra’s’ for their families.plan62. Plan A Loves Nursing Students. Plan A continuously recruits Nursing students who have successfully completed their first year of studies. These students make their own schedule, learn valuable nursing skills, and earn extra money all while giving back to a population deserving quality care.plan73. The A Team Makes a Difference. The amazing health care professionals of Plan A make a substantial difference in everything they do. They are relieving the staff within long term care, caring for our elderly and are more than happy to do so. Our staff are aware of the ill effects on a home that is not adequately staffed and are proud to share their knowledge and skills to this sector.plan84. Work-Life Balance. Our positions with Plan A are casual and supplemental, making it the ideal fit for those looking to earn extra money, for students looking to add to their skill sets, and for retirees who want to keep busy and continue to give back.
plan9a5. Create Your Own Schedule. Our shift filling software, StaffStat, allows staff to accept the shifts they want and can work. If they are available they can choose to reply to the notification or simply ignore it if they are unavailable. People are busy and readily connected to their smart phones; StaffStat puts shift availability in the palm of our staff’s hands. Staff accept shifts via iPhone push notifications, text message, phone call or email.plana26. For-Purpose Company. We are a for-purpose company providing solutions to long term care. Staff state the work they do is fulfilling and allows them to give back and provide care to our elderly population. They enjoy every minute of their shift knowing that they are making a difference.
plana37. Opportunity to Travel. Plan A Nurses and Personal Support Workers have the opportunity to travel. We service a variety of Northern Ontario communities. Our staff are eager to help in these communities and have access to a variety of work experiences.plana4 (1)8. The No-Guilt Factor. Our agency has a strict no-guilt policy. If our staff are unable to work they simply disregard the shift notification and nothing is held against that decision. StaffStat allows them to accept the shifts they want to work…guilt-free.

Plan A provides a fulfilling role while offering a very competitive rate of pay.  We ask for a commitment of accepting just 2-3 shifts per month.  Everyone in health care can benefit from either working with Plan A or simply knowing who we are and what we are doing.

Let’s all work together to ensure our most vulnerable population and their care providers have the support they need! I encourage you to share our concept with everyone you know!


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