Eliminate Inefficiencies; Find Your Game Changer


We all want to maximize every minute of every day to ensure we keep productivity high. Many organizations look for simpler, more efficient ways of getting work done with less manpower. I am sure many can relate to dreaded, repetitive, mundane tasks that take time away from tackling the ‘big’ projects that directly affect the company’s bottom line. By eliminating inefficiencies, staff can focus on the work that matters; this can be game changing in many organizations.

At Plan A, we are continuously finding ways to make each role scalable. We look for ways to eliminate duplications and aim to automate processes so that we can all find the purpose and focus within our roles.

Plan A found its largest inefficiency a couple years ago, and by eliminating it we found our greatest gift- StaffStat (www.staffstat.ca). As you may know, Plan A is a health care staffing agency that services the long term care sector. We respond to and fill numerous shift requests each and every week without even picking up the phone!

Our inefficiency was calling down that list of staff to fill a shift within our clients’ homes. This task took valuable time and money away from a successful and growing business. Sheri Tomchick, our Founder and President said “There has to be a better way of connecting with staff in a more efficient manner”. The market was scoured and nothing was found that could do the job. Hence, StaffStat, THE ONLY shift filling software, was born and has made all the difference for Plan A. StaffStat has eliminated the monotonous ‘calling down the list’ task by doing the connecting for us and now our productivity is explosive!

StaffStat can reach our staff in a matter of minutes using push notifications, text, email and automated call. Every single staff member is reached at just a few clicks of our mouse. Staff simply respond via their preferred method of communication, the shift is filled and all necessary parties are also informed via their preferred method of communication. It really is a beautiful thing!

Our in house staff can monitor our shift filling from virtually anywhere. On call has never been easier! StaffStat operates as software as a service (SaaS) so anyone can log in on any computer or smart phone; it operates 24 hours, 7 days a week and never takes a break!

StaffStat creates reports that allows our agency to complete projections, track staff shift activity, investigate hours worked and track staff and client patterns. We could never imagine operating without the efficiency and value that StaffStat brings to our organization.

Plan A has experienced exponential growth in the two and a half years that we have been using StaffStat. By stepping away from the monotonous tasks, Sheri and her team have brought Plan A to new levels and will continue to do so! We think of StaffStat as our “Uber taxi”, delivering our Nurses and Personal Support Workers to our long term care homes via technology.

StaffStat is now used in many organizations, eliminating staffing inefficiencies, allowing more business owners to leverage their business and bring value to the roles of their staff. If you haven’t yet heard of the work StaffStat is doing, now is the time!

StaffStat has been our game changer and we will forever be a cheerleader!






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