Getting Out With Friends…For the Health of It!

Peace and Love (1)

It’s Thursday…a cold and wind chilling day in January and the last thing I have on my mind is to go out and play outside.  I decide to meet my girlfriends and go skating.  I come home with rosy cheeks and a smile.  That was so much fun!

I often hear or read that our life is made up of the sum total of our daily decisions.  So what are your daily decisions?  And how are they helping you get through the winter?  Ok, so maybe skating or outdoor time is not your thing…but what is?  This is a tough time of year for many of us.  It requires energy to start the New Year off with a positive attitude ready to engage in life at home, at work and everywhere else we find ourselves.

Do you have a PEP-Personal Energy Plan? A plan that includes small but relevant things…things that will energize you; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Not a plan based on what others are doing and think you should be doing (caution: lots of should-ing going on at this time of year ; ) but a plan that works for you.

Or…are you suffering through this winter season?  It is a choice!

It turns out that going outside to skate with my girlfriends takes care of all four areas of my PEP.

Physical Energy-I am skating, using muscles and moving.

Emotional Energy-I am laughing and having fun…so that feels good.

Mental Energy-I am focused on my skating and being present with my friends-a nice break from thinking.

And last but certainly not least, my Spiritual Energy.

I am connecting with friends, with nature, and with my authentic self; this makes me grateful…and gratitude always creates positive energy!

So consider creating a Personal Energy Plan (PEP) that serves you.  Why is this so important?  Because if you are happy-if you have good energy-if you are healthy…you are BE-ing your Best Self; a gift to the world around you!

Louise Bergeron


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