Encourage Healthy Habits; Increase Workplace Performance!


All of the best employers want their employees to be happy and healthy. Happy and healthy employees tend to be more engaged, more creative and more productive. Many of the best employers have incorporated wellness programs and activities into their work environments and report less sick time, increase in productivity, less staff turnover and an increase in the strength of their team.

Here are some tips that can easily be brought into the office to encourage staff to increase morale:

  1. Provide professional development budgets. Some employers offer annual professional development dollars to their staff. These dollars can be utilized in training that enhances the skill of the employee and improves their confidence, which in turn has a direct positive impact on the company. Investing in the development of your staff is investing in the growth and skill level within your business.
  1. Start a Lending Library. This is something I have read about and thought it would be a great idea for our office. There are so many great personal and professional development books that can aid skill building. Create a lending library within your office space that staff can borrow from and contribute to.
  1. Incorporate a healthy potluck into meetings. Instead of bringing the traditional sugary donuts, muffins and coffee to meetings, try planning a healthy potluck that invites everyone to contribute a healthy option to the table.
  1. Call in the professionals! Invite a professional wellness coach or energy coach to your work place to offer a lunch time yoga session or team building activity. The staff at Plan A has been very fortunate to have team building and yoga sessions brought into our work place as a mid-week wellness initiative.
  1. Office challenges. Who doesn’t get fired up with a little friendly competition? Have a water challenge to entice staff to get their 8 glasses in per day, participate in corporate walking challenges, or challenge that 3pm brick wall with an inter-office plank or push-up challenge! These encourage team building and healthy habits!

These five tips are just a few of the many ideas employers can bring into the workplace. Workplace wellness activities not only strengthen the health of your team but will also strengthen the bond between them.  A strong team will deliver strong results. The team that works hard together should also find time to play hard together. This is true at Plan A!



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