Organization for the Truly Unorganized Person!


I have a dirty little secret… something that very few are aware of.  And I’ve decided that to get past this secret I first have to come to terms with it.  So why not do it in my blog posts?

My name is Sheri and I am a chronically disorganized person.  Yep, it’s true.  The struggle is real.  Keeping myself organized is very hard work for me.  My closets, my day timer, my schedule, my home, my office, my files,  my cupboards, my mail, my thoughts… you name it… if it’s in my life, it’s unorganized.

The mission that I have chosen to accept is to reorganize and redesign the way I get through my days, weeks and months.  I am going to use this blog to have some fun (or make fun of myself), to figure out simple ideas that work (and to encourage sharing) and to keep myself accountable to this personal and professional challenge.  As the old saying goes… every weakness is strength in training.

I first realized how disorganized I had become around Thanksgiving.  I was hosting dinner at my house and was getting down to dinner prep when I thought that I didn’t have any poultry seasoning or sage – both ingredients I needed for a cranberry stuffing I was making.  So I did what every disorganized person does when they don’t have something – and that’s not having a look in the cupboards.  It was making a grocery store run to pick some up.

Fast forward to after dinner clean up – I’m putting the new spices in the spice cupboard only to discover that I not only already had poultry seasoning and sage, but I had five of each in my cupboard.  I then did the dreaded…I pulled every single spice off of the shelves and what I learned was that I had doubles, triples or quadruples of EVERYTHING in there.  This is bad for many reasons:

  • I was wasting a lot of money on things I didn’t need.
  • Those spices were taking up a LOT of space on the shelves.
  • Many of those spices had lost their flavour because they weren’t being stored properly.
  • And how much poultry seasoning can one person use in a life time anyway?

I went to town on that cupboard.  I combined, I got rid of things, I contained things to keep them fresh and I put them in alphabetical order.  The result was an organized cupboard of spices that now inspires  me to throw open the doors and try a new recipe (or two) every weekend!

The moral of this story is to know what you have.  The best way to do that is to make sure everything has a home.  Some of the ways I do this now is by storing items in the room where they’re used and I make sure that they get put away when I am done.  I also like to store similar items together .  My herbs and spices now sit nicely in labeled baskets in my cupboards so the next time I need some curry, garlic power or saffron I know exactly where to look…and it’s not the grocery store!


One thought on “Organization for the Truly Unorganized Person!

  1. Lisa Lounsbury

    I can completely relate 100% and think this scenario is quite common for us chronically unorganized folk. Great article and love your example.


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