Time Block Challenge!


A colleague suggested I take a look into time blocking as a means of increasing productivity and managing task completion. With time being our greatest commodity and demanding of both personal and professional life, time blocking seems like a great way to accomplish my to-do lists. I’ve decided I’d give it a go and see what this life hack was all about. Time blocking essentially requires you to schedule your week according to the tasks that require completion. You choose which tasks need attention and block off your daily calendar accordingly.

My research was motivating; I read that some time blockers have increased their productivity by 50% and that the quick wins of task completion kept motivation high. Time blocking can cut procrastination and wasted time making for more efficient work days.

My plan is to trial this for a couple of weeks and then share my results. Here are the steps I’ve read and will follow:

Step 1: Plan. Look at my task list and see what needs focussing on for the week to come. I will ensure my goals are attainable, I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

Step 2: Divide. I will choose 3 or 4 tasks that require completion and then break those tasks into small, specific and attainable goals. I won’t forget to schedule my “reactive work”. For example, I will schedule in time to respond to email, return telephone calls, and whichever tasks are necessary for my day.

Step 3: Conquer. Then I will break down each task into one-hour time blocks on my calendar; some use an online calendar and some folks paper and pen it. Do what will work best for you. In order to make this a habit I’ll need to maintain focus and not give up. I’ll give it 21 days…enough time to make or break a new habit. I will focus on the task at hand for the amount of time I have scheduled it for.  Turn off distractions, sign out of social media, close computer tabs that are not needed and put the cell phone away.

I read that scheduling your whole day, including your personal and home life tasks, ensures nothing gets left to the wayside. Seems like a little bit of planning with a whole lot of reward. I will track my progress and my efficiencies and see what the results of time blocking are for me. If a little bit of preparation with some effort on focus can increase my productivity then I am sold.

I will track my results and report back in a few weeks!


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