Well, Wouldn’t You Look at The Time…

time_5-wallpaper-1366x768.jpgEach and every one of us has something pending. We all have something that needs to get done and we keep saying “I need to find the time!” With the hustle and bustle of running to and from meetings, after school activities and the necessary daily events, it seems like we will never “find” time to accomplish all of those tasks that we have been meaning to accomplish. The secret is to make time! If your task means enough to you, you will make the time to complete it.

I have read that time is the number one enemy of needed change or improvement. Some quote that they don’t have the time to make nutritious meals, exercise, or simply improve one self. As busy beings we must make time for activities that lead to personal health, family health and personal growth and development. Time will always be a hot commodity and finding time will always be a challenge; but like I mentioned, if it matters, you will make the time.

I have to write blog posts, practice speeches, develop presentations, make dinner and lunches, run my kids to dance lessons, help with my kids’ homework, read with the kids, down time with the family and friends, do more yoga, get on my bike, read more books, drink more wine…I am sure many have lists similar in length and you struggle to make it all happen. However, each and every item listed is important to me and I am going to make each and every item happen.

I did some research on how others do it all and maintain their sanity. One lesson was time blocking which I have blogged about and will share a follow up in the weeks to come. Here are some other tips which make sense to me and seem effortless to implement.

  1. Do the most dreaded task first. Getting that one task done provides such a sense of accomplishment and will set the tone for the remainder of your day. I have devoted the early morning hours, before the rest of the family wakes to my work out time. I am not going to lie, it is painful, but really is worth every dreaded second.


  1. Self awareness. Be conscious of how you are spending your time, needless scrolls through social media can be entertaining and informative; however, it can soak up some of your productivity time. Devote the time you have made for the task at hand. The sense of accomplishment will beat any social media update you may have missed.


  1. Breathe in, breathe out. In the hustle and bustle of meeting everyone else’s needs don’t forget about your own. Make time for personal ventures, exercise, disconnect to re-connect, read, attend personal/professional development sessions. Taking good care of oneself will ensure you take good care of everyone else.

Don’t blame the passing of time for not meeting those deadlines, or completing that task list. Make time for the important things and the rest will all fall into place. An improved, happier self will equate to a happy family and work life.



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