Importance of Vacation Time


If you are anything like me, you have difficulty turning off your brain from work when you are outside of business hours. My to-do list often rotates through my mind daily. I’ve recently read that the secret to increased productivity is taking personal time off.

It is easy to fall into a trap of overscheduling and over-doing, which prevents you from moving forward and can ultimately lead to burn out. Stepping back and slowing down will actually increase productivity, strengthen creativity and rejuvenate your motivation making you all the more effective.

I’ve listed some of the reasons I believe that personal time is important.

  1. Rest = Increased energy. By taking your mind away from routine one can focus on other happenings. By resting our brain’s from the day, we receive an increase in energy and output is improved upon return from a break. Unplugging from the daily distractions will allow you to focus inwards and improve your problem solving skills and creativity.
  1. Stepping away from the everyday puts all else into perspective, such as reminding us of the simpler things in life and enjoying the quiet of a moment. Often, we get lost in the day to day busyness and forget to be mindful of our moments.
  1. Self Care. We often don’t pencil in time for ourselves when we are going about business. We must ensure we are taking the time to energize and rejuvenate, spend time with loved ones and simply unplug. Those who practice self care exhibit less signs of stress and tend to cope more effectively when demands arise.
  1. Vacation = Happiness. Planning a vacation and looking forward to that getaway will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face. I have read that vacation time increases serotonin, our happiness hormone and reduces stress, which can lead to happier people returning to the office after vacationing.

More hours spent working does not equal better work.  When we step away from the hours spent working, we can produce better, more quality work when we return. I guess everyone needs a little reset every once and a while. Your personal time and vacation time is just as beneficial to your employer as it is to you. Be sure to use it and use it wisely!



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