The Art of Customer Service

Regardless of the job title on my business card, I am always a customer service representative. From my time spent as a waitress in a banquet hall, my hours worked in the drive thru serving donuts, my stint as an administrative assistant, my 10 years as a case manager, my role as a director to my current position as the President and CEO of a starter company, I am first and foremost, a representative of my company to my customers. The first call I receive or make will be the basis of my entire relationship with my customer. Every minute they waste on hold, every time they feel misunderstood, every time I choose to focus on the problem rather than come up with a tangible, logical and win-win solution, I risk losing my customer.

We need to come to terms with the fact that a customer is not a number/sale. A customer, if properly dealt with, is:

  • a testimonial
  • a mouthpiece for your service
  • your best advocate/ your devil’s advocate
  • the one who can help steer your product or service in the right direction

The following infographic emphasizes the importance of customer service (again, in ANY industry and in ANY role) by providing some surprising and some not so surprising stats:

The Art of customer service


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