Storytelling in Marketing

2015_03_17-Storytelling-For-StartupsHave you ever been so compelled to purchase a product or service from an individual or business because a great story existed behind their brand? Did you make that purchase because of the company’s vision, purpose, and what they stood for? I know I have. Storytelling is an excellent marketing technique that can bring life to your brand. This technique can be used by virtually any business because it simply requires the use of imagination and creativity, and little to no money. The use of sharing stories as a marketing technique can allow your audience to better understand and connect with your brand in ways that a sales pitch cannot. Below are a few points on why storytelling works.

  1. A good story will draw out your audience’s emotions. It’s proven that individuals will often make a purchase on emotions alone and rationalize their purchase at a later time. If you can make some sort of connection with consumers that’s built on more than just your product’s or service’s attributes, features, etcetera, then chances are they will become a loyal user of your product or service.
  2. A good story can authenticate your brand. There’s more to your brand than just a logo or slogan. By telling a story and giving your target market a real “behind-the-scenes” look into your company, your audience can learn more about your purpose and vision and really feel like they know your brand on a more personal level. Consumers are no longer interested in features and gadgets; many will choose brands whose core values match theirs.
  3. A good story builds trust. You are more likely to come across as an honest brand if you can be transparent with your consumers about your vision and values. Individuals are more likely to purchase products or services from brands that are honest and those they feel they can trust.

So what’s your story?


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