Why I LOVE Working with Women


It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow and the celebrations are abundant across our amazing city. This has me thinking about our incredible team. We’re made up of some of the smartest, most creative and insanely driven women I know after all. Why do I love working with this team of women so much? Here’s why:

  • The women I work with are generous when it comes to offering each other support. We understand sick kids, personal illness, caring for family members, and trying to balance it all with a career and home life. If something stressful is going on in one of our team members’ life they can be sure that we’ve got their back.
  • Vulnerability. Our office is a safe place to show emotions.   Whether we’re stressed or sad, frightened or fine, we are comfortable putting our feelings out there. This has enabled us to become a team of strong communicators which is definitely a competitive advantage.
  • We love celebrations! We celebrate the small stuff, the little wins that get us closer to the bigger picture…and we look forward to doing that regularly…with wine!
  • Each win is a team win. Every position in our office is vital to our organizations success.  Everybody works diligently in their designated role and one person’s success is the team’s success… and we don’t mind sharing the glory!
  • There is a culture of ‘growing’ through life in our office. Personal and professional developments are of great value in the office. When somebody is trying something new that can lead to a healthier body, mind or spirit, you can be sure there will be a partner in crime for that person…or a whole team!
  • We like to laugh. In fact, we may even argue that WE bring the fun. In my experience the team that can have fun together works exceptionally well together.

It was never my intention to work in a women-only office, and believe me, we’ve tried to hire men. What I have found is that working with a team of dynamic women, of different ages, experiences and backgrounds, contributes to cultivating stronger leadership qualities. That’s not only good for the women in my company; it’s really good for the bottom line!


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