Spring is in the Air!


Waking up to some sunshine and the view of the snow melting is enough to get you excited about the months to come. There is just something about the sunshine after a long winter that brings out the smiles and the energy.

When spring is in the air we become energetic and eager to put away the bulk of the winter and seem to have an extra skip in our step. We all know how great that feeling is; wouldn’t it be nice to keep that feeling going all year long?

Here are 5 tips to maintain that Spring feeling year-round:

  1. Get out! Enjoy the crisp of the air and get outside, even if it is just a brisk walk on your lunch break. Watching the season change and the feel of the sunshine will re-invigorate you to tackle the remainder of that to-do list when you get back to the office.
  1. Eat fresh! When spring is in the air we know that summer is not too far off. Now is the time to adjust your diet to include healthy options that keep your energy up and will have you feeling great.
  1. Stay Positive! Our thoughts have a direct impact on our performance. If we think positively our performance will follow suit. When you find your thoughts travelling in the negative direction, catch yourself and turn them around. Positive thinking increases energy levels, creativity and productivity.
  1. Practice Gratitude! Instead of thinking of all the things you need or want, shift that mindset to be thankful for everything you already have. Treasure your accomplishments and the people in your life as human nature strives on our human connections. Write down what you are grateful for and express your daily gratitude in simple gestures. Pay it forward and spread your feelings of gratitude to those you connect with.
  1. Get Your Beauty Sleep! When we are tired everything is difficult. Staying positive, exercising, making healthy choices all take commitment and effort. If we are tired and have low energy, we are less likely to follow through on the very things that help us feel great. Ensure you are getting the appropriate amount of sleep to keep your energy levels strong.

I believe that if you incorporate these 5 simple tips into your routine you will continue to feel great all year long! It will take effort and commitment but the return on that investment is ultra valuable!




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