Transform Those Negative Nancy’s into Positive Patty’s!

You’ve heard the phrase “attitude is everything”, and you certainly cannot have a positive life and with a negative attitude. Keeping up with a positive culture is so important to the team at Plan A. Our team always finds the good in every situation and we learn from those situations that are not necessarily successful. It is almost an automatic response for all of us to capture the positive in all encounters.

At Plan A many traits encompass our entire culture and a positive environment is high on that list of traits. I honestly think that our team works so well together because we all have caught onto the vision of our company and work hard to maintain our motivating culture.

Here are some tips to push those negative moments out the door and embrace the positivity!

  1. Focus on the solution, not the problem. This is something that has become part of my daily routine. If we focus too long on the problem, we lose sight of our primary focus. When we focus on the problem we end up wasting energy that should be placed on learning from the problem and implementing a solution.
  1. Find the opportunity in a negative situation. In every situation, good or bad, it is necessary to find the take away. What can you learn from this event? How can you implement a strategy to avoid this from happening in the future? Find the opportunity, be thankful for the learning and move on!
  1. Challenge negative thoughts. When you find yourself repeating negative thoughts and/or behaviours, challenge them. Adjust your mindset to a positive one. It is evident that what we put out into the world is what we receive back. By focusing on and living a positive life good things will come your way, it is simply the law of attraction.
  1. Exercise regularly, eat and sleep well. When we make time for exercise, eat well and sleep well, we allow our bodies to rid themselves of stress. In doing so, we give our minds and bodies rest and fuel to tackle the next big project.
  1. Encourage positive thoughts and discussions. At Plan A, we encourage all of our team members to practice positive thinking and incorporate this into all of our discussions and team meetings. It is really amazing to see how each and every one of us finds the positivity and learning experience from every situation we are in. It’s a beautiful thing!

I should mention that living a life of positivity does not mean viewing the world through rose colored glasses. For our team, it means when things get tough we find the optimism, we rise above the problems, we focus on the solution, work together and challenge the nay-sayers.






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