5 Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewer

Blog - Mar. 30.jpgAt the end of every interview I complete, I always give the candidate a chance to ask any questions that they may have regarding the company or the position that they are applying for.  Not everyone asks questions, and when they don’t it worries me. Do they really understand the position that they’re applying for? Do they even want this job? Did they apply simply because they need a job and they saw the posting? Today I decided to write about a few basic questions that all candidates should ask their interviewer once their interview is complete.

#1: “What’s the next step?”

The interviewer should know to tell you what the next step is – usually reference checks take place – but if they don’t, be sure to ask. It’s good to leave with an idea of what to expect next. It’s fair to ask if they will be calling you or if you should contact them after a certain amount of time. They will also appreciate the eagerness in you asking how the process continues on from there!

#2: If you’ve heard something negative about the company, don’t be scared to ask about it.

I often get asked questions about rumours that candidates heard through the grapevine and I love having the opportunity to put those rumours to rest. If you’ve heard anything negative about the organization that you are applying to, you should never hold back on asking for clarification. It could be something completely false that is causing you to have a false perception of the company.

#3: “Is there room for advancement?”

Normally when people apply to a position in a new company, it’s expected that they will begin at the bottom of the seniority list or the ‘food chain’.  However, not everyone is comfortable staying there for his or her entire career. If you are one of those people, then don’t be afraid to ask if there is a possibility to move up in to a higher position. If the position doesn’t offer you what you want long-term, it’s better to find out right away and move on to something different.

#4: “Is there anything that I can do to further assist you in making your decision?”

By asking this question, you give your interviewer the chance to tell them what else you could do to be successful after the interview without flat out asking “What else do I need to do to get this job?” They may tell you to start working on completing some sort of training right away rather than having to wait until later on. This is a good sign!

#5: “Do you offer any sort of any additional educational courses or training?”

Not only does this answer the question of, Am I expected to complete any sort of training while working here?, but it also shows your interviewer that you are interested in bettering yourself as a professional and an employee. You will also (most likely) be told if the company covers the training costs or if you need to provide payment for them.


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