My Work, My Way!

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I’ve been moving swiftly down Entrepreneurial Avenue for five years now and it’s been an idea-generating, risk-taking, sleepless in Sudbury, whirlwind of a roller coaster ride.  I enjoy everything about being an entrepreneur.   Plan A and StaffStat are like my third and fourth children respectively (second to my kiddo Addison and my Tea Cup Chi Zoe), and as any good mom, I love them both dearly.

When I started Plan A I read a quote that stuck with me; ‘Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t’.  I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly but it got me excited.  Today, I love that quote, because of what five very busy years has come to mean to me:

  • I only work with people I want to. Our team is handpicked and made up of people who are driven, charismatic, and energetic, and who want to succeed.  I work with people who not only get my vision but who care about it as much as I do.  We don’t have room for Negative Nellie’s, Gossipy Gail’s or Undependable Ursula’s and if they sneak their way in the front door they certainly don’t last in our office very long.
  • My clients are ‘partners’. Difficult clients happen for you not to you, at least that’s what I tell myself.  The past five years have given me the chance to identify who I really want to work with.  I am now fortunate to work only with dream clients; people who believe in the bigger picture, who are interested in working together and who see the value in this partnership.  I can now be selective of who I work with and will only work with organizations who share the same values as me.
  • I get to do the things I love. When I first started Plan A, I was the marketing department, the accountant, the operating manager, the interviewer, the customer service representative, etc.  I now have a team with each person perfectly fitting in their position.  This frees up my time to dream, inspire, come up with ideas and lead the vision.
  • Meeting amazing people and forming great relationships. I’ve met some pretty amazing people such as Lloyd Robertson and Margaret Trudeau, but national celebrities aside, it’s the incredible people that I’ve met locally that I am most excited to know.  My network has expanded tremendously and I have developed genuine relationships with many interesting people.  I also call some of these pretty incredible people friends.
  • Freedom during regular work hours. Don’t get me wrong, I work, every single day.  But I can now choose where and when I work – in fact I wrote this blog poolside in Samana.  With trustworthy people in place and the convenience of technology, I’ve been able to have meetings with my bank and accountant, I can keep a pulse on everything that is going on with my office, I can schedule a week full of meetings and keep on top of my blogs without stepping foot in my office.  The biggest bonus is that I can pick my daughter up from school a few times a week, surprise her for lunch once in a while and volunteer with her school whenever I choose to.

So there it is, and I won’t lie! Working a few years like most people won’t has had its challenges;  it’s demanding, with long hours, there’s failures, and a lot of  guessing games.  You’re on 24/7 and 365 days a year…it’s absolutely exhausting.  However, having this life now has made it all worthwhile!




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