4 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Interviewer

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Two weeks ago I wrote about questions that you should ask your interviewer; I discussed questions that I wish I got asked more often at the end of interviews and why. This week I decided to follow up with questions that you shouldn’t ask your interviewer. I don’t get asked very many questions at the end of interviews, but I sometimes get surprised and thrown off by completely inappropriate questions for people to ask during their first meeting with a new company. If you have an interview scheduled in the near future, give this a quick read!

#1: “What exactly does this company do?”

This is a question that you should have answered yourself before walking in the door. This step should have taken place even before you wrote your resume and submitted it. Your resume should be tailored to what the company is looking for in terms of what the job description outlines. If you know what the company does and what they’re looking for before submitting a resume and going in for an interview, you will have an advantage over those who did not do their research.

#2: “What will I get paid if I get the position?”

Asking about the rate of pay during the first interview makes it seem as though you are in it for the wrong reason. Most companies look for someone who can bring value, experience and enthusiasm to their business; no one likes having an employee who is in it strictly for the money. The rate of pay will be something that will be discussed once you have been offered the job. Just be patient – it will come up eventually!

#3: “If I make a mistake, how will you find out?”

Although this may not apply in all work places since you often work alongside or with your bosses in a typical work setting, this is a question that I have been asked in the interviews that I have conducted. When I hire staff they do not work with us in the office; they work in long-term care facilities where we do not see what they are doing on a daily basis. When mistakes are made, we are informed of these mistakes from the Administrators and those in positions of authority. If you ask a question like this, it will cause your interviewer to second guess your work ethic and ability to do the job, which you don’t want to do.

#4: “When will I know if I have the position or not?” or “When will you finish contacting my references?”

Whatever you do, do not make your interviewer feel rushed. Chances are you aren’t the only person that they are interviewing. They most likely have other references to call out to and getting through your file is not the only thing on their to-do list. Give them some time and offer to help them speed up the process in any way that you can. *One way to do this on your own is to tell your references to expect a call/email from the company. I would also encourage them to contact the organization as soon as they are reached out to, since their responses will get you back in the door quicker!*


One thought on “4 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask Your Interviewer

  1. Bev Wills

    Ttesemare great tips! It amaz s me as well the things people are willing to share in an interview. I just had one potential employee describe to me in detail how “shitty” his pat three employers were! I was turned off immediately. Keep handing out this advice, it would appear the work force really needs it!


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