Who’s Responsible? Why Accountability Should Be a Workplace Priority

shutterstock_363192542-700x467.jpgAt Plan A our culture is built on many attributes, and one of those attributes is accountability. Each and every staff member understands how their role contributes to the entire vision and meshes with all other roles. Being accountable for actions is high on our expectation list.

When a team understands why they do what they do and follow the company vision, a positive work culture is easy to maintain.

At Plan A each team member is accountable for their actions and productivity. Here are some of the benefits we have seen as a result of individual accountability:

Increase in Productivity and Performance: Each team member is responsible for his or her actions and productivity with the understanding that their level of productivity impacts the entire teams’ productivity. We are a strong, tight team and letting down another is not on the menu.

Fires are Quickly Put Out: When something goes wrong, or an error is made, or something is overseen, we step up and take responsibility. This allows our team to quickly deal with a problem, focus on a solution and act quickly to rectify.  Errors happen and that is how we learn. Our team does not dwell on a problem for very long; we quickly pull the learning opportunities out of an error and keep moving forward.

Less Conflict: In our office when a mishap occurs, it’s somewhat comical to see each one of us jump to responsibility and take ownership of the error. The blame game does not happen in our office or within our agency as a whole. Errors are quickly brought to the appropriate people and solutions are put in place. Our team does this so well that it is rare to have conflict which keeps our staff and clients happy.

Trust: Accountability among the team builds trust. Because accountability is so high on our expectation list we trust that each and every one of us is working towards our common goals. We all understand that the team counts on individual productivity, making our commitment to efficiency and quality our priority.

Our culture is what keeps our team strong, productive and efficient. Maintaining the principles of our vision is what keeps our team pushing forward, learning from mistakes and celebrating successes.



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