The Strategy Behind Our Strat Plan


As this blog is posted, our team at Plan A is commencing our quarterly Strategic Planning Session. The purpose behind our Strategic Plan meeting is essentially to define our strategy and direction. We involve the entire team and block off at least 6 hours to discuss our goals and map out our plan moving forward. We break our meeting into sections of our business plan; we discuss Financials, Human Resources, Growth, Operations and Marketing.

We ensure that everyone brings their best self that day, we encourage comfy clothing and let the energy and ideas flow!

We always encourage openness and creativity. No idea is judged as impractical or unreasonable; in fact, we build upon those ideas and some of the best concepts are a collection of input from our team.

Our meeting always starts with a re-visit of our vision and workplace culture as a prelude to the meeting. This reminds our team of our purpose, that we work hard together, trust one another and all work towards our mutual goals. This helps us stay on track and bring any new staff members up to speed on what our goals and values are.

The goals from our last session are pulled, we analyse what we hit, what we missed and develop a strategy moving forward. The Leads from each department direct the session per category according to the business plan. We then collaborate new ideas and concepts that will guide us to our end results.

Input from all parties is what we strive for! Everyone on our team brings something different to the table; whether it is a fresh perspective, insight into the market, previous experience or even those light bulb idea moments. It is so inspiring to gather around with a group of strong, energetic, and brilliant women all working towards a goal that improves the lives of others and makes a difference in our community.

As we brainstorm the means to our objectives, we create small, attainable goals with those lofty goals at the forefront. No one on our team does anything that is inefficient or does not bring direct value to their role or the business as a whole.

As we wrap up our session everyone has a very clear, focused idea of what we as a team need to do to move forward and how each and every role contributes to the larger picture. Our hope is that each team member takes away with them our vision, our culture, our goals, that their role in the picture as a whole and that each person is invigorated to keep pushing forward.




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