Embrace Change!


I am sure you can relate to a time in your life where you experienced a change in your environment or situation. Maybe it was a change in your position at work, an unexpected change in your career, or even a slight change of plans; these situations can bring on stress or a feeling of anxiety. Change happens everyday; we are all exposed to change yet many people fear it.

I am sure you have heard the common terms “Change is opportunity”, “Embrace the change”, or “Change is for the better’. In my opinion, it all comes down to perspective. When a change in our environment or change in our plan occurs, how we approach it is based on our perspective. One can dwell on the derailment of plans or one can quickly see the opportunity.

Below are a few tricks I learned on how to embrace change:

Shift your mindset. Shifting your mindset to find the opportunity in change is certainly not an easy task. I was once a boring creature of habit and learned that a complete shift in perspective allows you to see the value in a change of plans. I have had a few opportunities that challenged me to change and I couldn’t be more grateful for taking the step towards change and embracing all that comes with it.

Find the positive. Instead of dwelling on the negative feelings that may accompany a change in your plan, find a positive in the situation that lies before you. Find the opportunity to learn, to grow and adapt to the change.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Change can bring a feeling of discomfort, however, that discomfort means growth is happening and let’s face it: magic happens outside of your comfort zone. With discomfort and disruption comes challenge; challenge equates to personal and professional growth.

I have become a person who embraces change, and I challenge myself each and everyday. I am fortunate enough to work alongside a powerhouse of women who do the same. We push one another everyday and the entire company benefits from the challenges we all face.

Don’t get comfortable, don’t become complacent; the magic doesn’t happen there! Push yourself outside of what is easy or routine and just watch what comes of the effort! I am beyond thrilled to see where this journey takes me!



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