Time for Some Me Time!

imageWhen you work full time, run kids to dance, help with homework and have a household to run, there is very little ‘me’ time by the end of the day. After a few days of this routine I soon realize that some down time and self care is absolutely necessary. We all rejuvenate our energy in different ways.

The way that I rejuvenate is quiet time. For me quiet time doesn’t necessarily mean alone time. I sum quiet time up by just hanging out at home with my kiddos and husband. Away from the hustle and bustle of our busy weekdays, a quiet weekend at home is exactly what I need to bring my best every day. Self care is a top priority at Plan A and we are all encouraged to practice this and make time for it.

There are many ways to rejuvenate and put energy back into your mind and body. Our bodies are not built to continuously spend energy without a break. This is why a time out is necessary. Here are some benefits of taking necessary ‘me’ time.

‘Me’ time allows you to reboot your brain and unwind.

A new perspective. When we walk away from the day to day and take our minds off of routine, we often return with a fresh perspective. This new perspective brings light to motivation and a fresh outlook at the days ahead. A little brain break from work can improve creativity and productivity when you return.

Tight family bonds. At Plan A we are all encouraged to put family first and utilize our vacation and personal time for just that. When we take time to tighten and strengthen those relationships during our time away, we return stronger and ready to take on the next big project.

Decreased chance of burnout. When employees are encouraged to utilize their vacation time and allowed time to break their minds from work, there is less likelihood of burnout. Stress is alleviated when people take time away from the hustle and bustle; less stress equals improved mental health. When employees have a solid balance between work and life they are more satisfied and bring increased value to the business.

‘Me’ time unleashes positivity.
When we are stressed, overwhelmed or when life is chaotic, it is easy to fall into a negative thought process. Use your quiet time to practice mindfulness and you will find the positivity in every moment. This too will bring a fresh perspective upon returning to the day to day.

These are just a few benefits, however, I challenge you to find out for yourself how ‘me’ time works for you. Take a time out, find the value in being alone and embrace the quiet solitude. You will certainly find the value in practicing this and making yourself a priority.




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