3 Tips to Consider When Transitioning to a New Role

Within the upcoming weeks I will be transitioning from my role as Director at Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions to a role at our sister company StaffStat. I have an abundant amount of excitement, energy and enthusiasm for my new role. Before I jump in with both feet running, I know that for my peace of mind and in the best interest of the company I must ensure that the role I am leaving is in proper hands. We have hand picked an ideal person and the training began immediately after the decision was made for me to transition.

Some tips to consider to ensure a smooth transition are as follows:

Start the training process immediately. Provided your new recruit has already been chosen, I suggest to start training as soon as possible. At Plan A we were fortunate enough to have had hired an individual who we felt would be an ideal candidate. She was already working within the company and clearly understood the company’s mission, vision, culture and values. We ran through my job description and trained each step, we sat together and problem solved incidences’ as they arose, and she was kept in the loop with decision making while she was being trained.  Soon enough, our new Director was embracing her new role and doing an excellent job at capturing every moment of her new day to day.

Be flexible. I was willing to start learning my new role as I transitioned out of my old one. With my replacement, who has also jumped in with both feet running, I am currently able to hover over both positions. I can attend demo/training sessions for my new position and connect with and send out information to prospects and soon to be customers.  I am also considerate of the transition period for my new replacement and check in with her and review and double check on tasks that she is now responsible for.

Communication is key. This is essential at all times in business; however, as I transition I know that there cannot be anything left undone. I ensure that all clients and staff are aware of the transition and any current projects are communicated off to the remainder of the team. They are also aware that I am available to them should they have a question or concern they were unable to work through in my absence. I have full confidence in the team we have constructed and know they will carry out the vision of Plan A and build upon an already successful business model.

Some say change is difficult; we decide to embrace it, learn from it and get excited about the possibilities to come. After all, the words change, transition and shift are all synonyms for EVOLUTION and where would we be without that!?



One thought on “3 Tips to Consider When Transitioning to a New Role

  1. Karen George

    Congrats ! Change is exciting ! totally great move on both sides of this change !! all contacts have been very positive and encouraging ….. Carry On ! Carry On !!


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