Under My Umbrella-ella-ella

img18When I first started Plan A five years ago I had no idea of the other congruent business ideas that were about to come into play.  Five years later, we have irons in a lot of fires and because I am asked frequently about our different services, today’s blog post is going to clarify the why, what and who of each of those undertakings.

Let’s start with Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions—North Eastern Ontario’s first and largest health care staffing company.  With a primary focus on Long Term Care, we have paved the road to exceptional supplemental staffing in our nursing homes.  Many have tried to be like us but it’s hard to compete with the high level of customer service we offer, the quality of our staff pool and the laser sharp focus we have for bringing the most compassionate and dependable solution to LTC at the most reasonable price.  Don’t get me wrong, our prices up front are not the cheapest around BUT we can guarantee by using our service that our clients will have to spend less and less money.  The reason for this is because with our recruitment efforts we are only hiring the best of the best in the North.  These people work very hard to get themselves on our pool.  We also have rich partnerships with the likes of NORCAT, the Innovation Mill and our clients, and together we’re developing ways to scale our processes and get our pool of staff into the homes AT NO CHARGE to our clients.  They skip the very expensive step of training because we make this part of getting on the pool for our staff.  And what that gives us is people who REALLY WANT TO BE PART of our vision.  All in all not every body wants to work with Plan A and not all homes want to use our services.  At the end of the day we do have 15 large contracts that we are providing services to with a pool of 325 screened and oriented staff…and we’re growing.  Presently, we have a 100% success rate at keeping our shifts covered and our clients are happy, their residents are safe and their staff is supported…and that’s exactly what we want!

Now for StaffStat — the quicker, cheaper and better way to get down a call-in list.  As a former RN at the hospital who received calls on every day off and the founder of Plan A, who spent 12 hours a day making calls, I knew there had to be a better way to get people to pick up shifts.  StaffStat is a unique and proven solution to one of healthcare’s biggest pain points:  calling down the list!  Turning our custom designed software into a separate entity all happened serendipitously but it’s now taking off and there’s no turning back!  If you or anybody you know spends more than 3 minutes calling down a list on any given day, you need to connect with us.  What StaffStat allows our clients to do is get shift information out accurately and timely with thorough reporting and all union language considered.  It’s a game changer for any organization.  It makes staff happy and gets administration staff to work doing things that are purposeful and that creates momentum in their place of work…and who doesn’t want that?

The newest addition to my vision is called Plan A PlatinumPlan A Platinum is a high level private service that involves tailor made care plans, a small personalized team of healthcare professionals responsible for delivering that care plan and a guarantee of no missed hours.  We’re growing slow and steady and although you may not hear much about it in our marketing, it’s already proven to be a much needed and successful concept.  We rely on word of mouth to let people know that we offer this service or it would be impossible for us to live up to our no missed hours guarantee.  Slow and steady wins the race for Plan A Platinum.

Plan A Plus is coming down the pipeline.  Think of it as the ‘Uber’ of supplemental staffing in the North.  Although it’s very similar to our Plan A Staffing model, Plus is done on a larger scale.  We’re focusing our resources on minimizing our training bottle necks, using technology for scalability and creating innovative methods to get the most helpful information to our recruits.  It’s an exciting concept that proves to be a much needed service across the North now and especially in the future.

These are our 4 big focuses at the moment.  As we continue to evolve you will see us expanding to training for Home Support Workers, creating pools of allied health care professionals to service the LTC sector and bringing our software to other provinces, countries and sectors.

The list of congruent ideas are limitless and the bigger picture always has the same focus:  making sure our aging population has access to the best care we can find!


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