5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Website in Seconds


Websites—every business should definitely have one, even if it’s just a place for your visitors to gather basic information from. There are so many design options that are both time effective and cost-friendly to help you develop the perfect website. But, many businesses create websites ahead of their launch and never bother looking at them again. Why? Your website isn’t doing you any good if it’s outdated and stagnant. If you haven’t touched your website in a while, consider these following few tips to freshen it up!

  1. Update page copy. All text on your website should be reviewed. If the copy on your website is too wordy or if it fills up the whole page, trim it down and keep only pertinent information. Look for spelling and grammar errors. Add new information as required. Make sure every date is current; I often see “upcoming events” on webpages that are months or even years old. If you don’t have time to stay on top of a section on your page regarding current news or upcoming events, then you should perhaps seek an alternative solution such as posting that type of information on your social media page, or adding a feed for your blog, Twitter, Facebook page etc.
  2. Add a feed. As I just mentioned, a Twitter or Blog feed may be a great option for streaming to-the-minute content to your visitors. Moreover, it’s very simple to add one as they exist as plugins on most website platforms and you can add them to your website in seconds; you can also create a widget directly from Twitter and add it to your website by following the steps outlined here.
  3. Update images. This is a very simple method of adding some spice to your website in a matter of seconds. Your whole website can get a face lift by simply adding new images to your page. Check out my blog featuring a variety of free stock photo websites to help you get started.
  4. Make it mobile friendly. The number of individuals who access the internet from their phone surpasses those who access it using their computers/laptops. If you’re not able to reach your audience through a mobile version of your website, it may easily dissuade them from visiting your website in the future. There are many tools that exist in website editors to help you create a mobile-friendly website, or view how your current website looks on a mobile device. Keep the mobile version of your website extremely user-friendly and streamlined.
  5. Add a call-to-action to your website. Every page on your website must serve a purpose. If your main goal is to have individuals apply for a job via your website, ensure that they can navigate to the form and that it is easy to do complete. If you want visitors to book a demo, make sure they can sign up for one in a matter of seconds.

These few tips should give your website a much needed makeover. Set a reminder for yourself every 8-12 months to take a second look at your website, give it a haul, and to consider improving its functionality. Strive to make important changes on an as-it-happens basis; for example, if you acquire two new customers, add their logos ASAP to build your brand’s clout.  Good luck!


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